Single Spotlight – There’s a Honey

I’d like to thank Sirius XM’s Alt Nation radio station for this song from a new band (well, new to me and maybe you too!) called Pale Waves.  Pale Waves is a UK-based band that pretty much sounds like the female-fronted version of The 1975, another one of my favorites.  And it makes sense why they sound so much alike. I was curiously googling them and reading a few interviews, and I found out that their first single, “There’s a Honey”, was produced by none other than The 1975.  Matty Healy is also directing the latest single’s music video, so clearly there is a lot more to come from these two bands in terms of collaboration.

“There’s a Honey” is a fun and catchy track, and honestly sounds like how summer feels. The melody and overall feel of the song offers a carefree vibe, while the lyrics are super relatable, dealing with the struggle of relationships and next steps, all wrapped up in a wonderfully produced song that I know everyone will enjoy.

Take a quick listen and let me know what you think of this group, and please share with me any new songs or albums you are loving at the moment!


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