Galantis Returns with Pure Fun

Fresh Scratch 

Galantis Returns


Galantis’ “The Aviary” brings both familiar, recognizable sounds along with new tracks, resulting in a wildly fun-filled return.

Scratch That: If you’re going to listen to anything off this album, pick these: ‘True Feeling’, ’Hey Alligator’, ‘Salvage (Up All Night)’, ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ and ‘Call Me Home’.

Quick spin: If you haven’t heard of Galantis by now, with their worldwide hits ‘Runaway (U & I)’, ‘No Money’ and ‘Peanut Butter Jelly’, then you are truly missing out.  Galantis is an electronic dance duo from Sweden – and they know how to produce hits.  What I love so much about this group is they make EDM music that is approachable.  I feel like everyone likes their music.  Their lyrics are thoughtful and the production is a ton of fun.  The duo keeps their signature island-style musical influence, while throwing in some different, atypical sounds than I am used to hearing from them.  Fun fact – Christian Karlsson of Galantis is also a member of Miike Snow, an alternative band with majorly great songs as well.  After listening to Galantis, check out Miike Snow. How cool must it be to be part of two hugely successful musical acts?!  “The Aviary” is Galantis’ follow up album to the wildly successful “Pharmacy”, and it does not disappoint.  The album doesn’t even remotely slow down – there are no bad songs.  I can guarantee that there is a song for everyone on here.

Song by Song breakdown:

True Feeling – I can already tell you this is my favorite song on the entire album.  I knew it would be the second I heard it. The lyrics are sweet, the beat and melody are crazy amounts of catchy.  This is the kind of song I would want to blast on a car ride with my best friends – it makes you feel alive and full of happiness.  I would equate this song with “Runaway (U & I).”  I can’t even stop smiling when I hear it!

Hey Alligator – A slight departure from the classic Galantis sound, this song reminds me a lot of Cazette’s style. Cazette is one of my favorite house groups out there. There isn’t a huge ‘drop’ like a lot of EDM songs, but I find it to be a calm and pleasant song to listen to and a welcomed departure from the usual bubbly vibe of Galantis.

Girls on Boys (feat. Rozes) – I love Rozes. I think her collaboration with The Chainsmokers on “Roses” was one of the greatest songs of 2015.  However, I have to say this song is slightly disappointing to me.  It’s not super catchy and the overall sound isn’t too exciting – if anything it sounds too familiar.  It’s not bad, but not the best I have heard from this group and Rozes.

Salvage (Up All Night) – Another one of my favorites on the album, this song brings back some of Galantis’ iconic sound, while still keeping it fresh.  The repetitive sounds in the chorus are super catchy, and I really love the sound of the verses.

Tell Me You Love Me – This is probably my second favorite track on the album next to True Feeling.  This song is destined to be a hit, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s on the radio soon.  The vocals are fantastic, the hook catchy, and the main drop after the hook is classic Galantis.  Another song that really just makes me smile.

Hello – This song has a tropical vibe.  The drop makes you feel like you’re listening to this song on a beach, if EDM were equated with beach music.  Definitely a good track to listen to, but not a huge stand out.

Hunter – One of the previously released singles off “The Aviary,” ‘Hunter’ brings a ton of energy.  It isn’t as bubblegum-sounding as most of Galantis’ music, but it still retains their fun sound.

Written In The Scars – Definitely a bit more melancholy than the rest of the album, this song reminds me a lot of something the Chainsmokers would make, especially on their most recent album.  It sounds like a radio-friendly song with electronic influences.

Call Me Home – Another standout track, ‘Call Me Home’ is one of those songs that grabs your attention.  The vocals are addictive, and it’s basically impossible to not want to dance to the beat.

Love On Me – The first single released from this album, and one of the most catchy, Love On Me is a wildly fun-filled song.  It embodies Galantis’ bubbly style of music.  I don’t think there could be a more classically Galantis song!

Pillow Fight – With vocals provided by Matthew Koma, a frequenter of EDM collaborations, Pillow Fight is pleasant enough, but again, not a stand out track on the album.

No Money – No Money, released over a year ago, wraps up the album.  I am almost surprised that this song is a part of the album considering it came out so long ago.  However, I can’t deny that it is another lively, enjoyable track.

Comment down below with your favorite track from the album!

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