Marshmello’s Freshest Singles

Shout out to one of my readers for the request to review Marshmello’s latest single “You & Me.”  Marshmello is one of the hottest EDM artists out there, famous for hits like “Alone” and for hiding his identity by wearing a giant marshmallow-looking head.  Whoever this mysterious person is has a very distinct sound to all of his hits – they’re all super upbeat and synth-heavy.  Marshmello also has a good mix of songs that are purely instrumental, while others feature vocals from other artists.  What makes “You & Me” so unique is that Marshmello himself supplies the vocals on the track for the first time.

Take a quick listen: You & Me – Marshmello

My immediate reaction upon playing this song before I even knew who was singing was this singer is definitely from an emo/punk band from my middle school days.  If you were like me back in the day, you were (and are still) obsessed with bands like All Time Low, Blink-182, Good Charlotte…I could go on and on.  And I’m sure you remember when punk bands made mash-up cover albums of songs from other genres with their own twist – Punk Goes Pop, Punk Goes Hip Hop.  “You & Me” sounds like it belongs on Punk Goes EDM if that were to ever exist.  His voice and the lyrics to this song fit in perfectly with the biggest punk bands out there.

I wouldn’t call this his biggest hit, but it’s enjoyable to listen to, and having Marshmello provide vocals is an added level of excitement.

Marshmello’s latest single that I’m really excited about is “Wolves” featuring Selena Gomez.  This track sounds a lot more classically Marshmello in production style.  Selena provides nice vocals over a bouncy fun instrumental.  Selena Gomez has had a lot of success collaborating with EDM producers lately, and I think she has the perfect voice for the genre.  My favorite part of the song is the drop.  It’s not necessarily one of those drops that is super crazy as most people expect on EDM songs, but rather drops into a breathy vocal from Selena that almost sounds tranquil.  Wolves – Marshmello feat. Selena Gomez

If I were to pick one of these songs to listen to, I would say it depends on what kind of mood/style you are into.  If you want more of an emo feel with powerful vocals, check out “You & Me.”  If you want something catchy and more “calm” for EDM, check out “Wolves.”  I really think “Wolves” is bound to be a hit and will soon be all over the radio, marking another success for Marshmello.


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