Scratch That – Playlist 2

Another close is complete, and I have been listening to music nonstop to get me through the long ass days.  I’m thinking I will start making this a series every month or so and share with you all the music I’m loving to keep me entertained.

I tried to go for a chill vibe with this playlist, as we are getting into the colder, cozier seasons.  I have a few songs on here that I believe are must listens – let’s be real, they all are – and have left a few of them below for you to check out as well as the full playlist on Spotify.  Let me know which song is your favorite and enjoy the music!

Loud Places – Jamie XX: Jamie XX a member of The XX, a popular alternative band that just recently came out with their newest album, “I See You.”  Jamie XX produced his own album “In Colour”, and even landed a Grammy nomination for the musical work.  Jamie XX has a more electronic feel with his music, which has definitely influenced The XX a ton on their latest album.  I saw The XX perform this past spring and it was the first time I heard the song “Loud Places.”  They led in with a remix of the song Shelter to Loud Places, and filled the entire pavilion with bright colored lights.  This song (and that moment during the concert) is nothing short of magical – the choir singing in the chorus is amazing, especially since they are singing probably one of my favorite lines in music ever – “I have never reached such heights, I feel music in your eyes.”  Check out the link below for the live performance of this song (including the awesome remix of “Shelter”).

I Miss Those Days – Bleachers: What can I say about Bleachers other than they’re probably one of my favorite bands.  Jack Antonoff is the best – his music is heartfelt, fun and makes me feel super nostalgic.  I first saw them at Firefly, then a week later at a local venue in Maryland, and have since been obsessed.  Their music is very 80s influenced.  This song in particular has serious Bruce Springsteen vibes with the use of the saxophone.  Bleachers also came out with their MTV unplugged version of this song and it sounds just as amazing live.

So Good at Being in Trouble – Unknown Mortal Orchestra: I randomly found this song listening to a playlist on Spotify and now can’t stop listening to it.  The whole sound is super understated and minimal, but addicting nonetheless.  Also, the lead singer has a very interesting voice that is extremely unique.

Jonti – Wild Cub: Shout out to one of my best friends for recommending Wild Cub (also she helped name this blog!)  This band is amazing – their whole sound is without a doubt one of the most unique I’ve heard, and I almost want to say they sound jungley (not a word, but I don’t know how else to describe them and this song).  I could listen to an instrumental of this song all day long.  I will most likely do a full post on this band because they have quickly become one of my favorites.

Season 2 Episode 3 – Glass Animals: Another one of my favorite bands! Glass Animals has such a weird sound, especially on this song.  It almost sound like you are in a video game.   Dave Bayley’s vocals kill it on every single track, and their lyrics and distinct vibe to their music is unmistakable.  Dying to see these guys live.

On + Off – Maggie Rogers: You may have heard of Maggie Rogers before and recognize her as the NYU student who played one of her songs for Pharrell – and he fell in love with it (link below).  On + Off is another track off her debut EP.  What I love about this song is the dissonance – the song sounds slightly off, but still makes sense.  Also, Maggie is a Maryland native!



Here is the link to the playlist, enjoy!

Scratch That – Playlist 2

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