2017 Sleeper Hits Playlist

After posting my top albums and songs of 2017, I realized there was A LOT more that I loved listening to this past year.  I couldn’t fit it all in a post like that, so instead I created a playlist of close to 100 songs that I loved this past year, featuring artists like Grouplove, The XX, Foster the People, Real Estate, Galantis, and much much more.  This playlist pretty much rounds out everything I have been nonstop listening to this year – granted I had to select some of my favorites off entire albums that I still loved.  My hope is that you listen to this playlist, get reminded of some of your favorite songs of 2017, and even discover new ones.

Stayed tuned for my first post of 2018 reviewing Walk the Moon’s latest, “What If Nothing.” It’s going to be in a completely new format AND featuring one of my friends, which I am extremely excited about!

Enjoy!   https://open.spotify.com/user/thescratchblog/playlist/3DsAVgY7xs7Xs9maCvFOCs



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