Blue Madonna – Borns Podcast

Hello out there! AGAIN, apologies for being MIA for so long.  I’ve started the new year off with a ton of travel and a new job, so big changes have been in store…and same goes for this blog!  I am starting to add podcast-style reviews of different songs and albums all thanks to an idea from my friend, Madelyn.  To start off the new format, Madelyn came all the way from Boston to record this! Just kidding, but we decided to do a first impressions of the new Borns album, “Blue Madonna”, while she was in town visiting.

As a quick synopsis, we LOVED this album.  We are huge Borns fans so coming into this we were nervous of being disappointed, especially as a couple of the singles didn’t peak our interest too much.  Do yourself a favor and listen to Borns – his voice is honestly incredible, and his music is wildly unique.  My recommendations for this album, if you are going to listen to anything, are the tracks “We Don’t Care”, “Iceberg”, “Second Night of Summer”, “Tension”, and “Supernatural.” Also, we got distracted when our other friend, Kaylie, (shout out) arrived for the weekend and didn’t get to record our reaction to the last song, “Bye-bye Darling.”  Quick review – I think this song wraps the album up nicely.  You hear a lot more instrumentals on this as compared to the syntheses of most songs Borns produces.  I get an Elton John feel from this song, which is a lot of fun and an interesting sound to hear come from a singer with this kind of voice.  Overall, the album is super strong and didn’t let us down.

Please let me know if you enjoy listening to us chat away about music – it was definitely a ton of fun for us, so hopefully it will be for you too! I am still learning my way through editing these, so I promise it will only improve from here.

Enjoy the podcast!


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