What If Nothing – Walk the Moon Podcast

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Scratch if you’re a new reader, or welcome back to The Scratch if you have been reading for a bit now!

Today, I am bringing you another podcast album review featuring my friend Madelyn.  You may remember her from the Borns podcast we released a couple weeks ago!  Madelyn and I are aiming to do many more of these podcasts in the future – she is definitely my official collaborator on this blog, and I majorly appreciate her for her interest and involvement in this adventure.  Side note – if anyone wants to guest write, please feel free to let me know, and I would be happy to feature you on the site.

In fact, this entire review was suggested by Madelyn.  She is a beyond huge fan of Walk the Moon.  I would consider myself a fan, but not more so than any other person.  I had obviously heard “Shut Up and Dance” – you really couldn’t go anywhere for a year without hearing that song – as well as some of the band’s other big hits like “Different Colors” and “Anna Sun.”  Everything I had heard from this group, I enjoyed.  Madelyn had been telling me about the new Walk the Moon album for months, telling me I had to check it out.  Finally, I did.  And I really enjoyed it.

Madelyn and I discussed the songs in detail and soon we came to the idea that we should take this conversation to my blog, since we had such strong opinions about the album.  Thus, The Scratch’s podcasts were born. Fun fact – this is the first podcast we ever recorded.  We are still learning how to make these as great of an experience for our listeners/readers as they are for us to create, and promise that the quality of these will only get better with time.

“What If Nothing” from Walk the Moon is truly a gem of an album.  It was born from a dark place.  The band was struggling with its major success from “Shut Up and Dance,” and the lead singer, Nicholas, was dealing with the passing of his father all while questioning his sexuality.  The band was at a crossroads of what to do with the group next and how to move forward from such defining life and career moments.  What arose from this uncertainty was an experimental, fun and unique album that has many bright spots throughout.  Songs like “Press Restart” inject liveliness into the difficult process of turning life around after shitty things happen.  “All I Want” is influenced by sounds of the 70s, while lyrically playing with ways to make one’s life more certain.  It explores the thoughts that go on in every person’s mind – what if I did this instead, is this what I really want in life? “Surrender” is an 80s, synthy masterpiece that sounds like what being infatuated with someone (and surrendering to those emotions) feels like.

Overall, this album is great.  There are bright spots and forgettable moments, like many albums that exist.  However, the bright spots on “What If Nothing” are so bright that they carry the album and make it one of my favorites to listen to, even months later after being released.

Take a listen to the podcast below!  We discuss each track in detail and dissect the lyrics and sound of the entire album.  Comment down below your favorite track and if you have any requests for other podcasts/album reviews!

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