The Defreeze – A playlist to make you feel like spring is actually coming

Hi everyone and welcome back (or to) The Scratch! I don’t know about you, but I am very over the games mother nature has been playing.  The weather has been struggling to get warm here on the east coast, but luckily we were gifted with a gorgeous 80 degree weekend recently. And thus, this playlist was born.  I was inspired by just how much everything changes when it starts to get warm outside.  Tons of people were out and about walking, running, driving with their tops down on their convertibles, drinking and playing music on their rooftop decks, and hanging out by the water (including myself).  I wanted a playlist to fit this mood – I imagine everyone listening to this on a nice spring time drive down the highway or hanging out enjoying the non-freezing weather.  Madelyn (my podcast collaborator) can attest to this that she did exactly that on her drive up the coast this weekend.

This playlist is a bit of a random mix of songs, but they all have one thing in common – they are all feel-good songs.  This mix definitely puts a smile on my face, with features from Phoenix, Coin, Lorde, Borns, and Saint Motel.  This is just a bit of this 3 hour long playlist that I guarantee will make you ready to take on the spring and summer that is on its way.

Please share and follow this playlist.  I hope you discover new music, remember songs you love, and pass it along to your friends.



The Defreeze Playlist

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