Concert Month

April has come to an end, marking the end of some bizarre Maryland weather and also my incredible month full of concerts.  I went to FIVE CONCERTS, three of which were in ten days of each other, so safe to say this month was highly exhausting, but beyond fun.  I wanted to give everyone a quick rundown of who I saw perform and let you all know of some must sees!

This month I saw Bleachers, Lorde, Franz Ferdinand, Judah and the Lion, and Modest Mouse.  Yes, I know this is quite the mix of bands/singers, and each brought something different to the table in terms of their performances.


Bleachers: This is the third time I have seen them in less than a year.  I know, I am obsessed, but I can’t stop seeing them!  The tickets were an unbeatable $15, and the group performed in an outdoor bar area in Baltimore.  Bleachers never fail to impress me with their energy and love for performing their music.  Their setlists are stacked with hits, and what I love especially is that they perform a cover of “Carry On”, a nod to Jack’s other band, Fun., which has been on hiatus for quite some time while the band members pursue their own projects.  The great thing about Bleachers is that their concerts are always affordable, at intimate venues, and they perform with such love for their music and fans.



Lorde: This concert was completely sold out, but by some kind of miracle, one of my friends’ coworkers had tickets for us.  Lorde performed at a new venue called The Anthem in D.C., which is a hall with a club-like feel that houses around 6,000 people.  We were incredibly lucky that she performed in such a small venue as she was on a stadium tour.  The Wizards had the Verizon Center that night, so instead she booked The Anthem.   This concert was honestly in one word magical, and one of the best I have ever been to.  It was the perfect mix between Lorde’s beautiful music and emotion while singing, the lighting, sound, dancers, and venue.  It was the best concert experience overall that I have ever had, and I would say that Lorde is a must see for anyone.



Franz Ferdinand: Fun fact – Franz Ferdinand is one of my favorite bands since middle school.  I don’t think there is anyone out there who doesn’t love “Take Me Out.” I took my friend to 9:30 Club in D.C. as a birthday gift.  The venue was tiny and we were able to be virtually at the front during the performance.  Franz Ferdinand played the perfect setlist.  They played all of their huge hits throughout the years, as well as their star songs from their album “Always Ascending”, which was released this year.  These guys looked like they were having so much fun, which is great to see especially with a band that has been around for so incredibly long.



Judah and the Lion: I have to admit that while I like Judah and the Lion’s music, I don’t find myself listening to them constantly.  My friend had been telling me for months that this band is one of the best live bands she has seen.  So, I joined her for this concert back at 9:30 Club and WOW, I was blown away and in full agreement.  This group performs with such passion and talent, and they are wildly fun.  This is another must see.  If you love hearing music that is incredibly unique (mix between folk, rock, and hip hop – hence their album name), and you love having a blast while hearing such unique music, then this concert is for you.



Modest Mouse: Modest Mouse rounded out my month of concerts on the very last day – April 30th.  I returned back to The Anthem to see Modest Mouse, my favorite venue out of all I had been to.  I have been listening to this group again since middle school and had a definite list of around 10-15 songs that I always play even to this day.  What I didn’t know was that Modest Mouse was such a huge band – there were about 8-10 people playing instruments on stage at any given time.  There were two drummers, two guitarists, an upright bass, keyboard, violin, tubas, trumpets, the list goes on.  I felt like it was similar to watching Arcade Fire perform.  The only thing with Modest Mouse is that they do not have a set list that rotates throughout their shows, so you don’t know exactly what you will ever be getting.  Luckily, they performed almost every song on my list of favorites, considering the night before, their setlist wasn’t super appealing to me.

This has been quite the month. I got to go to new venues, see bands live that I had been wanting to for years, and got to enjoy it with some amazing friends.  What I love so much about concerts is that you are in a room with people who have the same loves as you – they love these performers and live music, and you get caught up in those feelings that make the experiences so much more exciting than just singing in your car to your favorite songs.

I have a couple more concerts in the works – Cold War Kids, Glass Animals, and Lollapalooza.  I don’t have another concert month in sight, but I am trying to make that happen as soon as I can!


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